Water Damage Harlem

Water damage in Harlem can be a huge blow to the community and the surrounding areas. The change in climatic weather over the years have seen extreme flooding all over the world. New York City is not an exception. Thats why Flood Cleanup NYC water damage Harlem restoration services are here to help!

Harlem is made up of apartment buildings, that are interconnected to hundreds of people at a time. When one home is wrecked by a flood—either from the weather or burst pipe, that means any of the neighboring apartments could suffer from the same thing. Floods often create a ricochet effect in homes that are stacked together.

Harlem Population

Harlem have a population 335,000. It’s about 3.9 square miles in upper Manhattan. Harlem is bounded by Fifth Avenue on the east, Central Park on the South, Morningside Park, St Nicholas Avenue and Edgecombe on the west, and the Harlem River on the north.

The Neighborhood

Harlem is a popular neighborhood in New York City with a rich and dynamic history. Since the 1920s the community has been known to have a significant African-American populous, which have ownership of the residential and business center. Well known for the Harlem Renaissance, that brought into the world many free thinkers and inspirers.

However, because of the transient nature of New York City, the 2010 census found for the first time that half of the neighborhood is no longer African American. Many residents fear the community’s culture diminishing because of the influx of new residents who don’t hold the same ideals as the residents historically.

Water Damage And Flood Cleanup | Water Damage NYC

The reasons for Water Damage:

  • Burst Pipes: Pipes can get old and rotted over time leading to a rupture. Or when faulty equipment is used to make the pipeline, it can give out.
  • Drain backups: When heavy weighted items (toys, paper towels, sponges, etc.) go down the drain it can lead to backups or worst sewage leaks.
  • Tree/Root growth: Roots can grow erratically. And sometimes that growth happens by a pipeline and can break the drain system leading to a flood.
  • Dirty gutters: After a storm, it’s important to clean the gutters. Over time, uncleaned gutters can be weighted down and lead to leaks in the roof, which can cause a flood.
  • Household Items Malfunctions: Washers, dryers, and dishwasher can have faulty waterlines and break, leading to a flood.

Some of the water damage services we provide are:

  • Mold Remediation- Mold tends to appear after a flood. The remediation process is the removal, cleaning, sanitizing, demolition, or other treatment, including preventive activities, of mold or mold-contaminated matter that was not purposely grown at that location.
  • Water Mitigation – The first thing that our company does is inspect every corner to see where the water has seeped through. Our top of the line water mitigation equipment, extracts water from all foundations, leaving you a dry home.
  • Dehumidification- One of the things that are often overlooked is air quality after a flood. This process purifies the air from any toxin or chemicals, allowing it to flow freely once more.
  • Reconstruction- We restore your home back to pre-damaged conditions faster and more efficient than the next company.

Our Water Restoration Company

Serving Harlem for over 25 years, our team of certified specialist are familiar with the historic community and are well equipped to handle any water damage Harlem. We don’t only do water damage restoration. Fire and Smoke damage restoration is also one of our major services. We are open 24/7 for your convenience. When we get to your home, after a thorough inspection we give you a free estimate, with a step by step restoration plan.

Water damage Harlem can be a crisis, that leaves many homeowners stressed out. We are here to lighten the load and get your place back in shape. Here at Flood Cleanup NYC, we got you!

So, call us today (888) 360-3459 for any emergency water damage restoration services

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